BigONE Leveraged ETF 3X DeFi
Nucypher WorkLock Pool
BigONE does its best to provide users with the expected high profits, meanwhile, strict filtering of well-known DeFi mining projects with high-quality in the industry. The project display platform provides users with related services such as proxy asset connection to DeFi mining projects and income distribution, and does not bear any losses caused by the security of smart contracts on the project chain.
Investment Period
Total ETH
Raising Progress
627.11763491 ETH / 3,000 ETH
20.9 %
Expected annualized interest rate
(ETH income is distributed in NU of equal worth, based on yesterday's average price.)
0 % NU
Expected annualized interest rate
0.1 ETH
Minimum Investment Amount
Expected Profits:
Cannot quit
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Participated in
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1. This mining pool is ETH Worklock mining, "locked-up ETH & Mine NU", the minimum starting amount: 0.1 ETH.

2. The mining pool has a fixed period of 180 days (calculated from the start of the network launching).

3. The mining pool will start operation after the official network is launched, and it will be in the fundraising period before then.

4. The return rate of this mining pool product is based on the actual currency received.

5. After the expiration of the mining pool, the exit period is 2 days and there is no profit during the exit period.

6. Exit and arrival time: Coins withdrawn before 8:00AM are expected to arrive at 8:30AM the next day, and coins withdrawn after 8:00AM are expected to arrive at 8:30AM in the morning of the third day. (GMT+8)

7. The mining pool will charge 10% of the mining revenue as a platform service fee, and the remaining part will be distributed to participating users.

8. Risk reminder, please consider various factors such as project popularity, market trends, and your own risk tolerance, prudently decide whether to participate, and allocate your assets reasonably. BigONE does not bear the loss of assets caused by third-party uncontrollable risks such as contract vulnerabilities and project team running away.

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