BigONE DeFi Polkadot


「ONE PoS Mining Pool」Second Round Launched, Participate to Share 100k 「Contribution Points」

To reward ONE holders, BigONE will launch 「ONE PoS Mining Pool」and provide 「Deposit ONE for Contribution Points」product.

The introduction is as follows.

You Get 72 hours to Deposit: 2:00:00 (UTC) October 10 - 1:59:59 (UTC), October 13,2019

Total Amount for Participation: 300 million ONE

Participation Requirement: The downside for each user to participate is 100,000 ONE, the upside is 1 million ONE.

Total Rewards: All users participate in share 100,000 Contribution Points (around 100,000 CNY)

Unlock Period:

  • Once you participate in this product, you can’t exit during the halfway.
  • Once ONE PoS mining pool starts to run, the product will unlock the ONE and their obtained Contribution Points to the users when Contribution Points are open for exchange next time.

Annualized Interest Rate:

According to the distribution speed of Contribution Points, it will take around 30 days to start a new round Contribution Points exchange.

  • If only 1 user deposits and the amount deposited is 100,000 ONE, the user will also get 100,000 Contribution Points which means 1 ONE gets 1 Contribution Point as the return. The annualized interest rate is around 48,666%.
  • If 300 million ONE are deposited, the annualized interest rate is around 16%.

More different types of ONE PoS mining pool products will be put forward in the future.